3rd Bosphorus Bridge – Steel Decks

      Designed by French engineer Dr. Michel Virlogeux and Swiss engineering company T-Engineering the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge or with its new name Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is the most spectacular section of the Northern Marmara Highway Project, reaches a height of 322 metres, width of 59 meters and is 1.408 metres long.

Gemak Group has been awarded by Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries, to construct the entire steel deck segments of 3rd Bosphorus Bridge. By February 2016, after 19 months since the commencement of the construction, the project has been fully completed and delivered with a significant track record of construction pace.

During the massive construction process, following works have been undertaken in our facilities:

NETA Steel & Piping Factory:

Steel Material Storage, Shop Priming, Steel Cutting, Edge Preparation & Bevelling, Bending and Prefabrication of Minor Assemblies.

Tuzla Gemi Endustrisi (TGE) Shipyard:

Panel Fabrication and Walkway Modules Fabrication

Gemak Altinova Shipyard:

Mega Panel Fabrication, Anchor and Center Modules Fabrication, Segment Fabrication, Trial Assembly, Blasting & Painting, Trial Assembly, Load out to transportation vessel by using own SPMTs, Delivery to construction site using a deck cargo ship M/V NETA which has been equipped with Dynamic Positioning System (DP-1) and also converted by Gemak Group with its in-house research & developments team specifically for this project.

Key facts:

1-     Entire steel deck of the bridge, consisting of 59 segments and weights about 48.000 tons, fabricated under one of the most demanding steel construction classification requirement of EN-1090, Execution Class 4 (EXC-4) and delivered to the site by our own DP-1 vessel “NETA”

2-     More than 1.500 people worked daily during the construction period.

3-     Yearly shop priming capacity reached to 95.000 tons 

4-     Yearly steel cutting rate reached to 53.000 tons

5-     Daily steel fabrication rate reached to 130 tons 

6-     Completed segments are blasted and painted in enclosed halls ensuring best climate conditions and environmental friendly operation 

7-     Independent from the weather conditions, every four (4) days, one (1) segment have been delivered to construction site.