Gemak Altinova Shipyard was acquired by Gemak Group in June 2012. Construction of new Yard was started in 2013, after the award of the contract for fabrication of steel decks for 3rd Bosphorus Bridge to Gemak Group. Major works comprising jet grouting and stabilising terrain were completed as well as building and commissioning of two large blasting and painting halls. While first steel sections of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge had been completed development continued. Segment assembly platforms were prepared both for European and Asian side of the bridge. Load out quay has also been utilized for transferring large structures onto the transportation vessels by means of SMPTs.

Gemak Altinova yard has already reached its full steel fabrication and painting capacity. Yard has been used as segment assembly and trial assembly, blasting and painting site for 3rd Bosphorus Bridge building project. In the near future it will be used for fabrication of large steel structures such as offshore platforms, floating docks, bridges, large sections of ships. Gemak Altinova will also have a dedicated space for ship repair and conversion activities.
Currently being 120.000 m2, once total development is completed the shipyard will have 140.000 m2 total land area and 1290 m of piers and jetties. It will be dedicated both for large steel fabrication projects and ship repair and conversion activity.

Target Market for Offshore Construction Area;

- Large steel fabrication projects (jackets, bridges, floating docks)
- large sections of ships,
- Offshore platforms,
- Topsides,
- Accommodation modules,
- Vessels related to O&G industry