Our team of 180 engineers with 45 years of engineering experience in various fields related mainly to shipping industry has positioned Gemak Group as a major player in the region for big steel fabrication projects. At the end of 2013 we have won prestigious contract for fabrication of steel decks for 3rd Bosphorus Bridge. International consortium ICA (IC İçtaş Construction and Astaldi) has been awarded by KGM contract to construct and operate Northern Marmara Highway and 3rd Bosphorus Bridge. ICA has chosen Hyundai group for bridge construction. Gemak Group has been entrusted with fabrication of deck segments by HDESI (Hyundai Engineering and Steel Industries) We executed this project according to EN 1090 Execution Class 4.

Production and completion of 3rd Bosporus Bridge deck fabrication project enables Gemak Group to compete for large industrial projects and steel constructions fabrication. By choosing its new course towards industrial projects Gemak Group has also taken certifications in areas that are within its focus. We are now in possession of certificates EN 1090 for Execution of steel and aluminium structures and EN ISO 38342 for Steel Construction, Pressure Vessels and Tubular Fabrication and Assembly. We are approved by DNV for manufacturing of Pressure Vessels.


Gemak Altinova Shipyard: 
Large fabrication area (120.000 sqm) suitable for fabrication of large structures.
Closed blasting and painting workshops ensuring allyear round clock controlled environment working conditions.
Own SPMT's lifting 1440 tons (expandable)
Loadout pier for heavy loads.
Prefabrication hall and open areas.
DP1 deck Cargo ship NETA having deadweight 2.705 tons

Gemak Neta Steel:
Process up to 53.000 tons of steel material in its cutting and prefabrication units. Bending of plates, profiles and pipes. Fabrication of piping spools 3000 per month Shop priming facilities having capacity 95.000 tons per year.

Gemak TGE Shipyard: 
Fabrication of liquid gas tanks. Panel line, Automatic welding robot. Lifting of heavy Cargo


3rd Bosphorus Bridge – Steel Decks

Shafts for Izmit Bay Bridge

Liquid CO2 tank

Advantages of Gemak Group:

-Strong engineering and management team
-Large steel cutting and prefabrication capacity
-Ample fabrication area of 120.000 sqm with load out pier
-Indoors facilities for anti-corrosive protection
-Handling of heavy loads using own SPMT’s (1440 tons) - expandable
-DP1 deck Cargo ship “NETA”