About Us

HSEQ Policies

Quality Policy

• We give priority to conformance to the requirements and expectations of our customers, subcontractors, and employees
• We never compromise from our service and product quality; we emphasize our Quality Awareness to our employees
• We follow and apply technological innovations
• We consider our quality advantage as the key of our success in the competitive environment
• Our guiding principles are full compliance with the quality standards and requirements of our customers and the international Classification Societies, and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

• Our aim is to minimize and eliminate the risks of incidents, illness, accidents, injuries, and to prevent occupational illness at our work place according to the composition of our work place and size of risks
• We fully comply with all applicable laws and applicable occupational health and safety regulations
• We identify all risks for all our activities and take all the preventive necessary actions. We provide the necessary training and raise our employees' awareness for their commitment and contribution to the improvement of our Occupational Health and Safety System
• We prepare all the necessary procedures and instructions and make them accessible to all our employees in order to make our employees aware of their own Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities
• We periodically review and improve our Occupational Health and Safety Policy in order to assure its validity and effectiveness

Environmental Policy

• We are committed to take actions preventing pollution when performing our activities
• We are committed to take preventive measures to preserve raw materials, energy and natural resources, and to continuously review and improve our performance and environmental management system
• We recycle our waste materials for reuse, and for those we could not, we dispose them without harming the environment
• We provide necessary training to all of our employees and perform audits in order to ensure high level of awareness and their active participation in our environmental management system
• We are committed to comply with all applicable laws and other requirements while performing our activities