About Us


Gemak is established in 1969 by Naval Architect Mr. Ismet Uner as a small yard in "Golden Horn" in The Bosphorus, Istanbul. All facilities were transferred to Tuzla, Istanbul in 1981 which was designated as a ship repair and ship building area by Turkish Government authorities.

Following a demand oriented reasonable investment policy  supported by the realistic vision of the founder, Gemak has became the leading shipyard in ship repair and conversion activities in Turkey. 

In 2000, Gemak acquired TGE Shipyard and entered into new building segment. By accomplishing the construction of a graving dock, TGE started repairing services in addition to new building activities.          In 2008, NETA Pipe&Steel Construction Industry S.A. was established in Gebze to serve Gemak Group shipyards as well as other shipyards  and industries in terms of providing shop primed and shaped prefabrication of steel parts&pipe spools.

In 2012 construction of Altınova Facility has been started after taking over of 3 adjacent designated shipyard areas( 120,000m2) and merging them.

Gemak Altınova Shipyard has become a Gemak Group facility which will be able to provide solutions for; ship & offshore structure building, mega structure building and ship & offshore structure repair & maintenance

Gemak Group has an excellent portfolio of conversion, repairing, new building, modification of all kind of ships and offshore structures, drilling and production platforms with its strong technical skills and modern technology.

Gemak Group is proud of being in service to over 2000 Ship Owners and Managers. With its experienced resources, modern facilities, and excellent track record, Gemak Group continues to be the leading Ship Repair and Ship Building group in Turkey.